We are always looking for new members and would be interested in hearing from any singers in all vocal ranges.  If you are interested in becoming a member please contact us, or come along to one of our rehearsals and hear us first hand.

The dress codes for our Holy Week and Spring performances feature the ladies in black long sleeve tops with long black skirts or black classic trousers, together with designated blue scarves while the gentlemen are in black dinner jackets, white shirts and black bow-ties.

For our Christmas Concerts, the ladies dress code features different coloured scarves together with extra tinsel for seasonal items, while the gentleman augment their existing outfits with coloured waistcoats and matching bow-ties, together with 'Father Christmas' hats for lighter Christmassy items.

Our summer concert dress may vary to suit the nature of the work being

Our membership subscription fees are 50 per year, which contribute to our administrative costs, such as hall hire and purchase of new music.